As our logo goes .....Shop USA Direct... bringing America to You.

Our Affiliate companies have built strong Business relationships with Distributors, Wholesalers, Logistics and Freight companies and have been wholesaling/shipping,Top and Major American Branded consumer products to Africa, the Middle East,C.I.S and the Sub continent for over 20 Years.

Shop USA Direct is bringing Top AMERICAN Brands to You across all industries and categories including Apparels, Computers,Electronics,Office products, Toys, Sporting goods, Hardware, Tools, Jewelry, Gifts, ...You name it.

Shop USA Direct provides you with 3 wholesale and retail (Duty and Tax Free) buying/ purchasing options;
1)You can buy products from any Top/Major online retailer listed at Simply click on start shopping(home/landing Page), using google chrome(on your desktop or laptop) and after installing the Shop USA's check out feature(step1on the main page), click on your choice of Top/Major Online Retailer/wholesaler listed and start shopping, remember to check out with Shop USA Direct (bar on top of the page).
2)Purchase online from any wholesaler or retailer of your choice(not featured on our website/ portal) and use our contact address as your shipping address, and we will ship you your products to you, once we received at our facility within 7 business days via the top Globally recognized courier companies at the most competitive shipping rates Guaranteed.
3)Can't find a product/s?, contact Shop USa Direct, at and we will source any consumer related product for you at the best competitive prices, and ship it to you at Guaranteed best freight/shipping rates within 7 business days.

Shop USA Direct ...brings America to You, and America brings China to You, How? Considering Economies of scale.....let's look at a typical scenario, you approach, a factory in China looking to purchase 1000pcs of a certain product, the factory quotes you $100.00/piece. An American Distributor/Wholesaler has purchased 2 Million pieces of the same product from the same factory @$79.00! Shop USA Direct will purchase the product on your behalf @$84.00and supply it to you @$89.00...Win/Win.

Shop USA Direct - CONSOLIDATION Advantage
All Airlines charge for freight as per Gross or Volume (dimensional LxWxH) weight (whichever is higher).
Shop USA Direct will safely repack (for Free) and Consolidate all your shipments from single or multiple suppliers into minimum packages to lower your Volume/dimensional weight, thus Saving you, up to 80% on Your Freight/shipping/logistics costs.
You pay the same Prices as an American citizen (Retail) and same as an American Business (wholesale) in addition to a small handling fee, at Guaranteed the most competitive shipping/ freight rates.
USA Direct offers a Door to Door (Retail) and Door to Airport/seaport (wholesale),Delivery. Shop USA Direct offers multiple secure payment options.

We ship to over 220 countries worldwide...Simply, Cost effectively and efficiently. Shop USA Appreciates Your Business