Yes, some our competitors, do not charge, handling fees but charge five to 500% to 600% more on Freight compared to Shop USA, let's look at a typical scenario, a Canadian (or a customer from any where in the world for that matter) customer buys product/s for $270.00 that weighs 40lbs, Cost from Shop USA Direct purchasing using Option 1 your Total cost $270.00+$27.00+$39.30 for Freight Total, $336.00 or using purchasing Option 2 option $270.00+$13.50+$39.30, Total $322.00.
Your costs from our competition would be typically $270.00 for your purchase plus an additional $290.00 for Freight costing you $540.00
Yes you can, from any American Retailer or Wholesaler in the US.
We are continuously working to add more and more Online Retailers and Wholesalers for one click Check Out with Shop USA Direct, in the meantime please send us an email of your order details to, and we will deliver your order to you.
Simple register and click on the join us button. Click on any of the Top/Major Online USA Retailers and start shopping or if your choice of online retailer does not appear, Send us an email by copy/pasting our order and we will send you check out options. Check out by clicking on the bar at the top of your page that reads, " CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT SHOP USA DIRECT"
Shop USA Direct offers a 3D Secure multiple payment options including all Major Credit and Debit cards, PAY PAL, Western Union, Wire transfer(mainly for wholesale orders).For other forms of payment Please send an email to
At Shop USA Direct a typical Order will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days.
As soon as our Order is confirmed, Shop USA Direct will keep you updated on all the stages to follow, when your goods where shipped, transit updates, arrival in your country and delivery dates.
No, here are a list of prohibited items:
  1. Hazardous materials
  2. Chemicals
  3. Drugs and Medication
  4. Fire Arms
  5. Alcohol
  6. Any item or object with hazardous material in it
  7. Weapons and weapon equipment
  8. Live Products including foods and plants
  9. Food products
  10. Pressurized Cans
  11. Powders
  12. Furniture
  13. Drones
Shop USA Direct ships to over 240 countries, world wide, Please send an email of the details of your Order to, and we will send you charges/costs immediately.
Mainly because we want our You to pay minimum, discounted Freight rates.
Over charging on Freight rates occurs in two parts,Firstly the online Retailers will pack each of your items in separate boxes and large boxes, and when you purchase from multiple online Retailers/Wholesalers again each product tends to to packed in larger than required boxes,and each individual item in a separate box, as most of the vendors only ship domestically within the USA and don't realize Freight costs add up substantially when shipping international.At Shop USA we will repack and in addition consolidate all your items into smaller packages and avail huge discounts offered by Airlines.
At Shop USA both Product and Shipping costs are economical.